Nurture and Grow Your customers

At Ignition we keep abreast of the latest developments in the motor trade to ensure your subscribers are only ever served on-point content that offers consistency, relevancy and personalisation.

While our experience has demonstrated that businesses tend to place too much emphasis on gaining new customers and not enough on fostering the ones they already have, you can be different.

With Y-Mail’s email-monitoring tool you are provided a snapshot of your performance so that you can gain a better understanding of what works, what doesn’t and how to improve your future performance.

Irrelevant content is cited as one of the biggest factors of unsubscribe rates, which indicates that businesses are failing to meet their customers’ individual needs - meet your customers’ needs and stand out from the rest.

Y-Mail helps you go beyond email

Email is still among the top sales channels but it must be approached with caution. Nothing irritates customers more than receiving a newsletter that has been sent with the sole aim of generating sales.

Valuable content will always stand out above sales fluff, but the right content can lead customers to the right offers at the right time.

Y-Mail makes it possible for you to generate incremental revenue whilst also satisfying your customers’ desires. Email marketing works best when all facets support one another – from the content, to the delivery and right through to making a sale. We can help you with each step.
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